Thursday, April 21, 2011

Add Rails Support to Netbeans 7.0

I always liked Netbeans for coding: it supports ton of languages, can be installed in Windows, Linux and MaC, and is stable in all of them. Even it demands more resources than a text editor, this is not a problem in current computers.

The latest release (7.0) dropped official support for Rails :( .
However you can continue using it via a community maintained plug-in:
  •  Install Netbeans from (I picked PHP distribution since it is the lighter one)
  • Add a plugin repository : 
    • Tools -> Plugins -> Settings 
    • click 'Add' and write a name (e.g: Beta rails) and a url ''
  • refresh available plugins, filter by 'rails' and install it
  • Restart IDE, rescan Ruby platforms:
    • Tools -> Ruby Platforms --> Autodetect Platforms

 here are some links for more information on NB + Rails:


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