Friday, June 12, 2015

Canon lide 220 in Ubuntu 14.04

Last week I bought a Canon lide 220 scanner. You get a decent device for the price.

(since I had to read several posts) Here are in a single page all the steps I needed to make it work in Ubuntu 14.04 (via xsane).

connect the scanner

ensure it is recognized


in teh output, search for the Canon device

Bus 003 Device 003: ID 04a9:190f Canon, Inc.

ensure your user has access to the bus (otherwise  you'll have to launch everytime  xsane as root)

    sudo chmod u+w /dev/bus/usb//

in my case

 sudo chmod u+w /dev/bus/usb/003/003

Then, add this ppa to install latest version of xsane

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rolfbensch/sane-git

and install xsane

    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install gocr libsane-extras xsane-common xsane

if you have problems, install a couple of additional packets with

    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install gocr libusb-dev libsane-dev libsane-extras xsane-common xsane

now you can run


 and the scanner is working!


  1. Thanks for the great starting point! Here is what worked for me on two different machines both running Linux Mint 17.2 MATE:
    1) Leave scanner unplugged
    2) Log in as root in a terminal window
    3) Add the repository: add-apt-repository ppa:rolfbensch/sane-git
    4) Install the packages: apt-get update && apt-get install gocr libusb-dev libsane-dev libsane-extras xsane-common xsane
    5) Add regular user to the scanner group: usermod -a -G scanner
    6) Lot out of root.
    7) Plug the scanner in and run xsane as regular user.

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    2. Hello,
      works for me too. Linux Mint 17 Mate. Many thanks for your instructions.
      Step 5 I have done with the normal usermanager GUI.
      After step 5 I saw, that an Update is waiting in the Updatemanager. Doubleklick on it and I saw, that there is an update from sane-backend 1.0.23. to 1.0.26. I have done this update too and connect the scanner. SimpleScan and xsane works fine AFTER I remove the transportation lock. ;-)
      Kind regards

  2. Worked very well for Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon (Dell XPS 14z) + Canon Lide 220. Thank you so much for the detailed instructions!

  3. Thank you !!!

    Worked great for Asus P5G41 and Canon LIDE 220

  4. Just wanted to say thanks and let you know that there is yet another user that you helped by posting this.

  5. Worked thanks. Had to run xsane as super user to get it to see the scanner though for some reason.

  6. I use Ubuntu 14.04 on my laptop, and having seen your post here, purchased the Canon lide 220. It just arrived from Amazon today, and I've carefully followed your instructions above. But when at the end I run xsane, I get the reply "no devices available". I've done the chmod to ensure my user has access to the bus. And I've also tried running xsane as root, but still get the same message that no devices are available. What should I do now?

  7. I've gotten a solution. After having taken all the steps mentioned in the above blog post, I have done the following:

    sudo apt-get -y dist-upgrade

    After that, the scanner is recognized by Xsane. But only when I start Xsane as root. So I can open Xsane and successfully make scans, when I start Xsane in the following fashion:

    sudo xsane

    Otherwise even after doing chmod command as described above to ensure my user has access to the bus, xsane will not recognize the scanner device when xsane is started as a general user.

    If anyone has some insight as to how to get xsane to recognize the scanner when opened as a regular user, please let me know-- that will make using the scanner much more convenient.

  8. Can I ask owners of LiDE 220s to run sane-find-scanner and report what chip it uses. Sane supported devices page says it uses GL124+ but my recent model has a GL878+. I suspect any that work at all use the GL124, could you confirm?

  9. I've now found that the GL 848 (not 878, my typo above) seems to be backward compatible with the GL 124, as I've now got my LiDE 220 working with a standard compile from source of version 1.0.26git. This is on Ubuntu 12.04. Others have got the GL 848 LiDE 120 working.

  10. Is this procedure applicable in Ubuntu 16.04 cases ?

  11. Thank you very much! It works! Ubuntu 17.10.